Peru: Magic and Witchcraft at Chiclayo

Magic and Witchcraft has a long history at Peru’s second largest city. Seven hundred years ago, the Sican wizards of Tecume looked down on the Lambayeque valley from atop their pyramid castles. From these lofty perches, they kept the population safe from natural disasters like earthquakes, draught, tsunamis, and storms; as long as the tribute…

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Legends of Krakow: Poland’s Royal Capital


Krakow: City Rich in History   I’ve arrived in Krakow from Zakopane, a ski resort in Poland’s Tatra Mountains. The train passed scattered industrial developments, crossed the broad Vistula River and abruptly I’m here, in the midst of the medieval town centre. Poland’s Royal Capital, Krakow is one the few cities in Eastern Europe that…

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Costa Rica – Wildlife up close at Manuel Antonio National Park

Best Wildlife Experience at Manuel Antonio National Park There’s one place in Costa Rica that exemplifies Pura Vida, Manuel Antonio National Park on the mid-Pacific coast, south of Jaco. Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio’s 4,014 acres are a concentrated section of coastal jungle, home to 109 species of mammals, 184 species of birds, and dozens of…

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Canada – The Fogotten Gold Rush of Gravel Creek, Coalmont and Tulameen

gold rush

Forgotton Gold Rush Towns of B.C. I stopped the car to read the sign: “Welcome to Coalmont. WARNING To all doorstep Salesmen especially those selling magazines, encyclopedias and Fire Bells – your safe passage not guaranteed. WOMEN BEWARE There is predominance of Bachelors living here. Population: varies. Industry: None. Chief Sports: Sleeping and Day-Dreaming. Climate: Hot-Cold-Wet-Dry…

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Costa Rica – Kayak Fishing For Crevalle Jack in the Pacific

Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing Fun and Challenging A couple of years ago I went fishing in Costa Rica’s Gulf of Nicoya with Leonardo Rios, the angling expert at Jaco Kayak. He wanted to show me the Pacific’s other fishery. Pacific Costa Rica is famous for its offshore big game fishing for marlin, tuna and sailfish, as well…

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Old Cars in Uruguay

 Old Cars in Uruguay can anyone name the make model and year of any of these cars? Every few miles along the road there was another collection of beautiful old cars. I felt like I was going back in time or was part of a scene in a movie. I was taken aback as I…

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Costa Rica – San Jose Art Galleries, Museums and Art Collections

Costa Rica – San Jose Art Galleries, Museums and Art Collections Please make it possible for others to enjoy this Article and  “Like”  “Comment”  and  “Share” [facebook][tweet][Google][pinterest] Costa Rica is best known for its natural splendors, but its rich cultural heritage is also an undeniable attraction. San Jose is the center of the country’s artistic…

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Chasing Snakes : Northwest Nevada’s Wild Lands

Chasing Snakes : Northwest Nevada’s Wild Lands Please  “LIKE”  “COMMENT” and  “SHARE” [facebook][tweet][Google][pinterest] By Andrew Kolasinski Rattling its tail in warning, a three-foot (.9 m) western rattlesnake rises up from the sand and strikes, but its venomous fangs miss their mark. “He doesn’t like you very much. I’ve never seen one get this aggressive,” says…

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A parade of whales at Pacific Rim Canada West Coast

  A parade of whales at Pacific Rim Canada West Coast By Andrew Kolasinski Sitting in our deck chairs, binoculars, drinks and snacks at hand, we appear to be lounging on the beach. In fact we are whale watching; it is the annual whale festival at Pacific Rim National Park. The Annual Pacific Rim Whale…

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Costa Rica – Cafe Rica The Unique Elixr

Cafe Rica, The Unique Elixr My wife, Sandra and I started each day sipping Costa Rican coffee out on the balcony of our apartment. After bringing home a bottle of Cafe Rica our mornings got off to an even better start. Café Rica is the country’s unique liqueur, a delicious elixir distilled from coffee, and…

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