Costa Rica – Kayak Fishing For Crevalle Jack in the Pacific

Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing Fun and Challenging A couple of years ago I went fishing in Costa Rica’s Gulf of Nicoya with Leonardo Rios, the angling expert at Jaco Kayak. He wanted to show me the Pacific’s other fishery. Pacific Costa Rica is famous for its offshore big game fishing for marlin, tuna and sailfish, as well…

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Chasing Snakes : Northwest Nevada’s Wild Lands

Chasing Snakes : Northwest Nevada’s Wild Lands Please  “LIKE”  “COMMENT” and  “SHARE” [facebook][tweet][Google][pinterest] By Andrew Kolasinski Rattling its tail in warning, a three-foot (.9 m) western rattlesnake rises up from the sand and strikes, but its venomous fangs miss their mark. “He doesn’t like you very much. I’ve never seen one get this aggressive,” says…

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