Chasing Snakes : Northwest Nevada’s Wild Lands

Chasing Snakes : Northwest Nevada’s Wild Lands Please  “LIKE”  “COMMENT” and  “SHARE” [facebook][tweet][Google][pinterest] By Andrew Kolasinski Rattling its tail in warning, a three-foot (.9 m) western rattlesnake rises up from the sand and strikes, but its venomous fangs miss their mark. “He doesn’t like you very much. I’ve never seen one get this aggressive,” says…

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A parade of whales at Pacific Rim Canada West Coast

  A parade of whales at Pacific Rim Canada West Coast By Andrew Kolasinski Sitting in our deck chairs, binoculars, drinks and snacks at hand, we appear to be lounging on the beach. In fact we are whale watching; it is the annual whale festival at Pacific Rim National Park. The Annual Pacific Rim Whale…

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Backpacking Panama, a quirky destination

Discover Portobelo Portobelo a town of 2,500 is located on the Panama’s Caribbean coast near to the entrance to the Panama Canal. It once was the Spanish empire’s principal port to ship the gold of the America’s to Spain. It was targeted by pirates, and consequently became heavily fortified. These fortifications are now the main…

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Hotel Grand Sopot on the Polish Riviera

Hotel Grand Sopot: Victorian Elegance on the Polish Riviera The classic Victorian profile of the Hotel Grand Sopot dominates the shore and skyline of Poland’s re-discovered Baltic Sea resort. Charles De Gaulle slept there, so did Adolf  Hitler. The Hotel Grand Sopot is the play ground of the tri-cities, Gdynia, Sopot, Gdansk, along Poland’s sandy…

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Star Gazing the Night Sky Art – Cruising Lifstyle

Star Gazing Night Sky Art - Cruising Lifstyle

Cruising the night skies Star Gazing Night Sky Art Sailing away to see the world from the water has a deep rooted allure for most people. It is one of humanity’s greatest adventures; sailing for new lands to explore and discover and Star Gazing. It can be done in great comfort and luxury for those with…

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Wearable Suitcase Give a Whole New Meaning to Carry On Luggage.

Sev Carryon Coat

Wearable (carry on) Luggage A new line of wearable luggage promises to ease recent Carry On and checked baggage restrictions. Many airlines and now imposing such restrictions. A trench coat by Scottevest has 33 inside pockets has the same amount of space as the standard carry-on bag. The Scottevest SeV has pockets that are designed…

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Home Base Nanaimo BC Canada

Nanaimo BC

Celebrating Life in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island Nanaimo is mid-way up the east side of Vancouver Island, 50 kilometres across the water from Vancouver, on Canada’s Pacific coast. Since its pioneer coal mining days this city of 85,000 has partied hard. The “Harbour City” has a lively nightlife with more bars per capita than any…

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